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Friday, July 28, 2006


TechConnections 7 Presentations

We just put up links to some more presentations from the June TechConnections 7 Conference.

You can find the links on the Conference blog.


It's Too Darn Hot: A Curmudgeon's Asides

On the ALA TechSource blog, Karen Schneider is grumpy, so she starts lining up her current library technology peeves:
The comments are focusing on the open-source complaints, but I am drawn to what she has to say about retrograde policies:
Ah yes, the good old days, when libraries had card catalogs, we all read books by gaslight, and women didn't have the vote. Who wouldn't want to go back to that era?
I'm afraid a lot of people would.

Want more curmudgeonly outbursts? Then check out Library Geek Woes, the blog by one of our own.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Break Through Your Four Walls: Blogs, IM, Wikis, Web 2.0

Slides from Glen Horton's talks at the bootcamp can be found at http://bootcamp06.blogspot.com

Since the slides are in a blog, feel free to post a comment if you have anything to add. My contact information also listed there.

Thanks to OLC and the State Library for their help with the event.


Break Through Your Four Walls: Providing the Next Level of Online Library Service--Bootcamp 2006

As promised to all of yesterday's participants in the IT Division's 2006 bootcamp, here are the links and handouts:
Thanks for attending! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Glen Horton or Laura Solomon. We will be repeating this boot camp in December--look for announcements later this year!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Download Videos Online from your (CLEVNET) library

CLEVNET now has video downloads through OverDrive, making their digital collection formats complete (until someone invents a new one!).
They have eBooks in Adobe and MobiPocket for reading on the screen of your PC, laptop, PDA or smartphone, and with Windows Media Player compatible devices patrons can listen to audio books or music and view video on PCs, laptops, PDAs, smartphones and compatible MP3 players.
Here's the newly redone website: http://dlc.clevnet.org/ . You can find travel videos, concerts, and even films like "Supersize Me." Enjoy the browsing, and checking out if you have a CLEVNET or Greater Access library card.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Shameless Plug: OPLIN 4cast

Every week since mid-April, OPLIN's Managing Editor has been releasing an excellent compilation of headlines, topics, and trends in network and information services that we think might have an impact on public libraries. There are four items listed each week, leading us to call it (naturally) the OPLIN 4cast.

You can read and comment on the 4cast on the web like a normal blog, and also subscribe to the RSS feed. If you prefer email delivery, you can join the 4cast distribution list. Recent 4cast topics have included podcasting, LibraryThing, tech cheats and reference guides, Net Neutrality, and the Long Tail.

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