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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


TheRightClick 3.0 Call for Entries

The Information Technology Division is planning a showcase of "best practices" for library technology, Wednesday, August 22 at the State Library of Ohio. We believe your work deserves recognition. All 'library technologists' are invited to share their unique solutions and practices with their colleagues from around the state at TheRightClick v 3.0.

This call for entries is open to all types of libraries. We also encourage libraries from outside Ohio to participate.

Your "best practice" could be anything from "patron proofing" your equipment; innovative network or Web site configurations; using handhelds or VoIP; giving old equipment a new life-just to name a few possibilities. Whatever the configuration, we believe that there are many
good ideas around the state that deserve to be shared.

We've got the date. We've reserved the room. We're only lacking one resource: PRESENTERS! That's where you come in. Don't be shy. Be PROUD of your accomplishments and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Enter your idea today by responding to the questions enclosed with this invitation and be a featured guest at TheRightClick v 3.0: OLC Information Technology Division's Showcase of Best Practices.

On a separate piece of paper, answer each of the following questions. You may include with your entry any pamphlets, flyers, brochures, photos, news releases that will allow the committee to make a good decision about the inclusion of your "best practice". Be certain to include your name, your library, the library mailing address, and fax and e-mail contact information. If your program is selected, you will attend the showcase as a guest of the Information Technology Division. You will be scheduled to make a 15-20 minute presentation at the showcase on August 22.

Send your entry to Wayne Piper, Director of Professional Development, at the Ohio Library Council by e-mail (wpiper@olc.org), fax (614) 416-2270, or mail (OLC, 2 Easton Oval, Suite 525, Columbus, OH 43219-6036). Entries will be accepted no later than May 12, 2007.
  1. In 25 words or less, describe the program or service you would like to showcase.
  2. Provide details on the program including, but no limited to, your source of inspiration, the need you were trying to fill, any funding you obtained to support the project, and the patron response to the project.
  3. Give us your best reasons for selecting your program for the best practice showcase.
  4. What would you like your colleagues to learn from your presentation?
About six weeks before the showcase, the OLC office will assist you with the guidelines for the structure of your presentation and the format for your handouts. If you have any questions about this form or the showcase itself, please contact Wayne Piper, Director of Professional Development at the Ohio Library Council, Glen Horton, Coordinator of the Information Technology Division, or Laura Solomon , Assistant
Coordinator of the Information Technology Division

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